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We have been advised by both Telstra and Optus that they are planning big changes to the way mobile phone data allowances are allocated.

They have indicated that in the later part of 2013 ....probably within 60-90 days of the next iPhone release they will be drastically cutting the data allowances on all plans to either Zero or 1-200 mb allowance. Data charges will primarily be pay as you go with data rates of 2-3 c per Mb being fairly typical. They have also indicated they will no longer provide free social networking access.

The driver behind this has been the rocketing use of mobile data that is placing massive cost burdens on the carrier networks. The carriers are reporting annual triple digit mobile data usage growth that parallels the massive growth in the use of smart phones. The carriers are investing significant sums in infrastructure investment to keep the networks going and bandwidth usage costs soar with increased use. The upcoming spectrum auction is expected to free up additional capacity currently used for Free to air TV (and raise billions for the Government). These costs will also flow on to the carriers and by extension the end users.

Whats does that mean to most users? Currently the average user user uses around 250-350mb per month. On a plan with 100 included Megabytes and with a data charge of 2.5c per Mb this will add approximately $5 per month to the users mobile phone plan and of course heavy users will pay a lot more ...if you currently use a 1gb of data its going to be an extra $25 per month. 

What does it mean for the carriers? Well its going to be interesting to see who is going to jump first because you would expect that whoever jumps first is going to see a rapid flight of customers to the other carriers. Timing is expected to be around 60-90 days after the release of the next iPhone as many customer contracts are tied in with the iPhone updates (Customers signing new contracts to get a new iPhone) so the carriers will want to get those number locked away before making any moves. However we are seeing moves already in the wholesale space that will flow on to the smaller telcos first.

For the bottom line the returns are impressive . Multiply the number of Smart Phone subscribers on each network with an increase in Revenue Per User of $5 per month per subscriber, x 12 months of the year and there is a lot of Zeros in the outcome for each carrier.


We regularly have people ask us whats it cost to make a phone call overseas. If you are on Optus network you go...just follow the link and scroll down the page.


Today we had a browse on the Telstra & Optus websites and we compare our $79 Fleet Plan to the offerings on the Telstra & Optus Websites. The big carriers have 60 second billing increments which we estimate lowers the included call credit by approximately 25% when compared with 30 second billing increments on an average 2 minute call.

While it appears Optus offers the best value with the $900 included call credit, Telaustralia wins out with the 30 second billing increments and the inclusion of $2000 worth of call credit for calls to mobiles on the same account. Effectively $2850 worth of call credit. Optus includes the 1st 5 mins of calls to mobiles on the same account but after the first 5mins of the call, these call get charged at the Standard per minute rate. A Samsung Galaxy S2 handset is included by all 3 providers.                                                                

                              TELSTRA                   OPTUS                   TELAUSTRALIA

INC CALL CREDIT       $800                       $900                          $850

FLEET CALLS             ZERO                    1ST 5 MINS                   $2000

BILLING INCREMENT PER MIN                  PER MIN                  PER 30 SECS  

SMS                       UNLIMITED             UNLIMITED                  UNLIMITED

INCLUDED DATA          2GB                        3GB                          3GB  

INCLUDED HANDSET          SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 INCLUDED ON ALL PLANS                                   


Going overseas and don't want to run up that big bill on your phone? Here's a few tips to save while International Roaming.

1...Do you really need the phone while OS? Leaving the phone at home is the cheapest option! If you do need to take the phone with you make sure you contact your carrier before leaving Australia to make sure International roaming is active on your phone.

2. International Roaming data is expensive... at $20.50 per Mb it doesn't take long to run up a big bill, particularly with the new range of smart phones and tablets and pads that are continually seeking data. Turn it off from your handset or pad and use WIFI where possible. If you do have to use roaming data try to keep it brief and then turn it off from the handset when done.

3. With International Roaming you also get charged for calls you receive (up to $5 per minute for incoming calls in those out of the way places like Ulan Bator  or Tierra Del Fuego, so if you want to remain in charge and save,  have your phone diverted to Voice Mail Unconditional. This way all calls go direct to your Voice Mail in Australia...way cheaper. Have a message along the lines of I'm out of the country and not taking calls, please text me if its urgent.

4. Use Text messages where possible. At 75c each as opposed to up to $7 per minute for outgoing calls its way cheaper and it costs you nothing to receive the text while roaming.

iPhone 4s Vs Samsung Galaxy S2 Comparison

With the much anticipated release of the iPhone $s last week we have had a quite a few customers ask us which phone is better ...the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the iPhone 4S...

 It really depends on user preference and in particular for us what type of PCs you have operating at home or in your office. If you have Windows PCs go with the Samsung. If you have Apple PCs go with the iPhone.

From purely technical Specification the Samsung has it over the iPhone.

Available Networks. Both Phones operate on  HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 3G networks however The Samsung S2 has 4G capability while the iPhone doesn't. Whys is this important? With Both Telstra and Optus promising to roll out 4g networks from late 2011 having a 4G capable phone will make it somewhat future proof. Initial testing is showing LTE 4G networks running at around 4-5 times the speed in both download and upload speeds so it is a noticeable difference in speed if your device is 4G capable.

Size. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is larger than the iPhone 4S but lighter and has a longer and wider 4 inch Screen as opposed to a 3.5 inch screen on the iPhone doesn't sound like a lot but when it comes to web browsing the extra space really counts.

Power. The iPhone 4s has a Dual Core 1Gb processor with 512mb Ram. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a faster Dual Core 1.2G processor with 1gb of Ram. In built storage is where the iPhone triumphs with 64Gb while the galaxy S2 has 32Gb but can also take a 32gb Micro SDH Expansion Card.

Battery Time. Talk time on the Galaxy S2 8hrs 30 mins. iPhone 8hrs. The Samsung has a 1650mah removable battery while the iPhone has 1420 non removable battery. Standby time on the iPhone 4s is 200hrs while on the Samsung Galaxy S2 its an enormous 700hrs

Support . Both companies have outstanding support centres both on line and in store within Australia.

Cameras. Both Come with a 8mp primary camera however the Samsung gets a 2mp secondary camera supporting 1080p, 30fps video while the iPhone has a VGA secondary camera. The Samsung Galaxy S has Flash Support while the iPhone electronically adjust the light for low light situations.

Price . Both 16Gb versions are priced within $20 of each other.


We are happy to announce the release of new Mobile Phone plans today.

Our new $49 Business plan comes with $500 of calls and text to anyone, $500 of fleet calls to others on your account and 1.5Gb of data.

Our new $59 Business plan is the first time we have had a mobile phone plan at this price point. The $59 business plan comes with $700 of calls and text to anyone, $900 of fleet calls to others on your account, 6000 free SMS and 2Gb of data.

The new $79 Business plan comes with $850 of calls and text to anyone, $2000 of fleet calls to others on your account, 6000 free SMS and 3Gb of data.

All plans include one of the latest mobile handsets on a 24 month agreement or can be taken as a 6month agreement if you want to BYO handset.

Request more info on Mobile Phone plans now.



Ever wanted a really cool number? Looked up Premium Number in google and found most companies charging up to $500 for a Premium Number?

Take a new mobile service with Telaustralia on a $79, $99 or $129 fleet plan on a standard 24mth agreement and get a free Premium mobile number included at no charge.

Optus Mobile Coverage

We had our conference last week attended by representatives from Optus Wholesale who gave us updated information on the Optus Network and its coverage. Apologies for the mundane nature of this post ......Here are some facts presented...
  • Optus Dual Band Network 900mhz & 2100mhz currently covers 97% of the Australian Population
  • A Further 1200+ base stations planned to be built in the next 2 years
  • Optus 3Ggcovers 700,000 sq kms
  • Over 1000 additional base stations built in the past 2 years
  • Optus 3g available at an additional 293 Regional towns
  • Optus 3g available at an additional 259 Metro/Suburban towns
  • The Tasmanian Optus 3G rollout continuing at rapid pace
  • 3300 existing base stations have been upgrade to cope with increasing demand for data
  • Planned speed upgrades to 40mbps+>up to 100mbps LTE network
  • Spectrum purchases provide scale for expansion
  • The 2 Optus bandwidths work together ...900mhz providing wider coverage with the 2100mhz band providing faster download capacity.
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