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LG Telstra Business centre
LG Nortels Aria range of Business Phone Systems has been designed to provide the maximum benefit to the user regardless of their selection of PSTN, ISDN 2 Basic rate or ISDN 102030 Primary rate ISDN services. The LG Aria 24 series are designed with the Small Office environment in mind with up to 8 lines and up to 14 Handsets. The LG 130 series supports up to 80 handsets and 40 lines and the range continues through the 300 and 600 series which are expandable giving essentially unlimited capacity.


LG Phone System Quote


If you are looking for a PABX phone system for your Small office the LG Aria 24 ipe Business PABX Phone System has a range of features that are a must. The Aria 24 incorporates all the latest features and with operational functionality designed from the user-perspective. Features are logical, simple to use and easy to remember. Affordable technology provides a range of cost effective functions so whether it’s simple features such as one-touch transfer or paging, or more advanced features such as call centre operation or computer telephony integration (CTI), the Aria delivers – at an affordable price.

Its modular, scalable design offers solutions for a business' needs today, as well as a migration path to meet the needs as a business grows.Because it is scalable not only do the Aria IP enabled PBX’s provide you with a solution to your communication needs today, inherent in their design is the ability to migrate to new technologies as they are introduced.


 LG Aria 4 Button Basic handset
 LG Aria 8 Button Corporate handset
LG Phone System  LG PBX Phone System 
 LG Aria 16 Button Executive handset
 LG Aria 24 Button Reception handset
LG Phone System
Commander Phone System 


You can tailor your LG Aria 24 phone system to help meet your business needs with some of the features below.

INTEGRATED VOICE MESSAGING Helps to catch every business opportunity the first time they call, every time. Aria's integrated voice messaging provides the features to meet the needs of most organisations such as time and date stamping, forwarding of messages, password protection and multi-level auto attendants. The Aria 24 integrated voice messaging system has 3 ports and 72 minutes recording time and has been designed to cope with most demand-intensive applications.

MUSIC AND MESSAGES ON HOLD - Allows all calls to be managed professionally with your company's recorded message or music while callers are on hold.

AUTO ATTENDANT - Provides your callers to select the department they require without having to go through a switchboard or receptionist saving them time and you money.

CTI COMPUTER TELEPHONY INTEGRATION - Dial customer numbers using details from your computer. Use Caller ID from incoming calls to display customer details before you answer the call (Not available for ID-blocked calls)

CALL RECORDING - The Aria’s USB module provides simple to use call recording from your handset to your PC. Conversations are recorded as .wav files, which can be stored on your hard drive or archived for legal requirements.

EXTENSION LINKING - There are times when you are not able to be in the office, traveling interstate or perhaps working from home. Being able to receive calls and make outbound calls from your office extension would mean you could continue working wherever you may be, transparent to your clients and colleagues.


By having your phone lines with Telaustralia you can be eligible for an up front rebate on your system as well as ongoing lower phone bills. In many cases our monthly savings on your phone lines and calls will pay for the full cost of the phone systems. To get your free written comparison, fax a recent phone bill to 1300765182 for your free no obligation written bill analysis or click the Start saving now button and we will contact you.

LG PABX Phone System 


LG PABX Phone System

The LG NORTEL ARIA 130c series offers a complete business communications solution designed to simplify the complex communications needs of medium to corporate business customers.

The 130 series provides a fully feature Phone system that meets the complex needs of a growing business with key features including paging mobile staff via DECT handsets, Least Cost Routing allowing you to take advantage of the lowest call rates offered by network carriers and improved efficiency via professional call handling including making, answering and transferring calls. The 130 Ip enabled PBXs provide you with solutions for your communications needs of today and are scalable so they can grow into your communications needs of tomorrow.


Tailor the Aria 130 series to help meet your business needs with some of the features below.

NETWORKING & VOIP Multi-site businesses can seamlessly share common functions such as voicemail and centralized receptionist over their IP data network . The integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) board provides a cost-effective solution for transmitting ordinary telephone calls over your existing data intranet, and ultimately, the Internet. Not only can this reduce toll costs from traditional carriers from high volume call traffic between intra office communications, whether they are local or interstate, but it can also offer significant savings in establishing communications in remote sites.

VOICE MAIL Helps to catch every business opportunity the first time they call, every time. The Aria integrated voice messaging provides the features to meet the needs of most organizations such as time and date stamping, forwarding of messages, password protection and multi-level auto attendants. The Aria130 series integrated voice messaging system starts at 4 ports and 5 hours recording time and is expandable to 16 ports with 20 hours recording time and has been designed to cope with most demand-intensive applications.

DECT MOBILITY Supports up to 80 DECT handsets. Staff are given the freedom to move around the office / warehouse and carry their fully featured extension, improving customer service and satisfaction, as more customer calls are answered first time.

PC ATTENDANT CONSOLE The Aria’s PC based attendant console with point and click operation can help process calls quickly and accurately in high call volume environments.

AUTO ATTENDANT The multi-layered Auto Attendant offers callers a number of options, so they may select the one that best suits them. By pressing a single digit they can transfer to reception, off-net to a mobile or another site, choose to leave a message or activate a page.

NIGHT MESSAGING Night messaging also allows you to offer your callers real live options outside of your normal business trading hours.

REMOTE PROGRAMMING, MAINTENANCE AND FAULT ANALYSIS By utilizing high-speed ISDN modem access, remote system diagnostics, program changes or even software upgrades can be performed quickly and reliably – no matter where your system is located.On-site maintenance on your telephone system can also be performed easily and efficiently via the LAN.

CALL REPORTING & TRACKING SOFTWARE LG systems are compatible with a range of software suitable for managing and analyzing calls from a range of solutions including CTI solutions, inbound and outbound Call Center tracking and Hotels and Motels Call Accounting Software.

CYREPORT CALL ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE CyReport is a telephony call data logging and reporting system which provides a range of call accounting, reporting, billing and call analysis features designed to help you manage your telephone system.

CYDESK CTI DESKTOP SOFTWARE FOR CyDesk is a desktop CTI software product which provides a range of telephony features such as answer, hold, re-dial, conference and integration to the Aria range of integrated voice mail features. CyDesk can be used as a stand alone product, integrated into Outlook or other databases, offering time saving features such as highlighting any number on your Windows PC desktop and right clicking to dial. It is also used in other CyTrack products such as CyCall, CyQ and CyReport ACD Premier.

CYQ INBOUND CALL CENTRE ROUTING & QUEUE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE CyQ is an Inbound Call and Queue Management System offering powerful skills based routing and automatic call distribution with variable announcement management options. The CyQ Manager Screen provides the supervisor a real time screen of all queues and agent activities. They can change agents between queues, force agents on/off breaks etc. Agents log in and out via the CyDesk and reports are generated by CyReport (CyQ package include the CyDesk and CyReport modules).

CYCALL TELEMARKETING & OUTBOUND CALL CENTRE SOFTWARE CyCall is a Tele-Marketing and Outbound Call Management System which provides management and productivity enhancements to Tele-Marketing and all Outbound Call Management Business requirements. It provides a number of outbound dialing options which include “Preview Mode” where the agent is presented with the target details then clicks to dial when ready, “Progressive Mode” where the next target is popped to the agent and dialed after their rap up time and “Pre-Emptive” which uses an algorithm to ensure a call is ready with a reached target as an agent becomes available. (CyCall package includes the CyDesk and CyReport modules).

CYRECORD Cyrecord™ is a low cost and simple to use add-on module for CyDesk that provides desktop voice recording with optional integration to desktop applications and your CRM solution. CyRecord can be configured to record messages On-Demand, Randomly or Full-Time. Messages are recorded as .wav or MP3 and stored on your PC or Network Folders. Advanced Features available for CyQ and CyCall Call Centre Applications.

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