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By switching to SIP trunks most business can smash their phone bills. SIP trunks replace the Telstra Phone Lines but instead of $40 a month rental the Line Rental is only $12 a month. Whats more the call rates on SIP trunks are incredibly cheap.

SIP Trunks are a digital phone line replacement for PSTN and ISDN Business Phone lines. Connecting them to your Phoen Systems is a straightforward exercise carried out by your Phone System maintainer. We provide the information required to configure the SIP Trunks on your PBX Phone System and the work can be done in under an hr.

Why would you consider SIP trunks for your Business?

  1. 1. Line rental about 70% cheaper than Telstra - $12 per mth.
  2. 2. Flexibility - Add extra lines and remove them with a phone call.
  3. 3. Cheap call Rates - 12c un-timed to any land line and 24c per min to mobiles billed per second.
  4. 4. Most PBX providers use SIP trunks.
  5. 5. Portability - Move office and take your numbers with you.

Take advantage of our Free install offer and save over $100 on your SIP Trunk set up.

If you would like to discuss options for putting SIP trunks into your business give Telaustralia a call on 1300783528 or click this button.



We are the only Phone System and PBX supplier actually located on the Mornington Peninsula. You deal with a local when you deal with Telaustralia. We have all the major brands and we have systems that are fully NBN Compatible and ready to go when the NBN gets to the Peninsula.

Mornington Phone Systems PBX Brands

We supply the following brands

We service these areas on the Mornington Peninsula with new Phone Systems.

Phone Systems Mornington, Frankston, Seaford, Carrum Downs, Mt Eliza, Mt Martha, Dromana, McRae, Rosebud, Rye, Sorrento, Flinders, Hastings, Balnarring, Hastings, Crib Point, Somerville, Tyabb, Karingal, Langwarrin, Pearcedale, Red Hill, Main Ridge and Dandenong. In fact we do Phone Systems Australia Wide but we just love the local jobs.




You can get an ADSL internet connection for $60 a month. Why go and spend $360 on a SHDSL Internet connection?

We its mainly to do with 2 things.

1. Fast Upload Speed. ADSL 2 is limited to 1Mb upload speeds. On SHDSL Upload speeds of up to 80Mb are available. Which means you can send lots of data ...Fast.

2. Low Contention. ADSL 2 can be very contended. Lot of users sharing your connection make it it slow and unreliable. With a SHDSL you get 100% of the available bandwidth so there is no slow downs caused by bandwidth hogs in your area.

So what does this mean? Well it means you have a very fast and reliable Internet connection for your business which allows you do so lots more than with ADSL....



Using Cloud based services (think Xero, MYOB, Google Mail, Office 365, Sugar and other CRMs) is an incredibly poor experience over ADSL if there is multiple users at your site. Cloud services are typically web based, meaning each time you enter data your are uploading, not downloading information. If this is running slowly, who's getting any work done. All of a sudden the extra $300 a month starts to look a like a bargain.


You have staff that are located off site and they need to log into you local server. Each time they log in the server has to send or upload the information to them. Using ADSL for remote access is incredibly slow because the ADSL is restricted to sending info at a maximum 1Mb and most connections run way slower than that. Think of the poor productivity you are getting out of those remote staff. The whole point of remote staff in most cases is to improve productivity isn't it?


With Video Conferencing over SHDSL you can get incredibly high resolution video when compared to ADSL. There is no comparison and with some cheap and simple hardware and software, you've just saved on travel time for that 1hr trip to visit the customer, site or branch office or even saved on that interstate trip.


With a SHDSL connection you can run multiple voice calls simultaneously used a Hosted Voice or SIP trunks. To give some comparison, Telstra ISDN 30 is the gold standard for voice traffic in Australia. This allows for 30 calls at a time. Telstra run these services over a 2mb/2mb SHDSL connection. Imagine what you can do with a 10mb/10mb or 30mb/30mb connection. How many Telstra lines can you pull out that are costing you $40 per month each?

SHDSL makes sense really

When you add up the technologies you can replace with a quality SHDSL connection it starts to look incredibly cheap doesn't it?

If you would like to talk to an expert about a SHDSL Internet connection click this big button below or ring 1300 783 528.


20/20 SHDSL $479 10/10 $359 OFFER EXTENDED

Our AAPT Network SHDSL Broadband offer has been extended to 28 April 2014.

20/20 SHDSL for $479 a month. Normally $799

10/10 SHDSL for $359 a month. Normally $699

What do you get?

1. A dedicated 1:1 SHDSL connection - No Congestion on the line ...The service is not shared with any other users ...its all yours.

2. Free installation on 24Mth agreement. Save $1000.

3. Unlimited data use with no shaping. Unlimited data...use all you want and never get an excess data charge.

4. A 100% business grade high quality connection with Guaranteed up time with rebates on faults. Perfect for Cloud applications, Hosted PBX and SIP.

5. First month free - we will rebate your first months access fees.

Click this button to take advantage of this offer or find out more or call 1300783528 to speak one of our incredibly knowledgeable and Australia based consultants.




As the NBN rolls forward there are more and more questions being asked by nervous business owners. While we will deal with issues relating to Fax, Eftpos and Alarms in other posts we will talk about phone line's today.

If a business has a single phone line it's not really going to be a major drama in most instances. While the NBN is really only a data service, each NBN Modem or NTU (Network Terminating Unit) will have a Voice Port available, offering a single Phone Line.

But what if you have 3/5/10 or 20 or more phone lines and a PBX Phone system? What will happen with those lines and what will the business owner need to do to ensure service is not disrupted? We hope the following post answers some of those questions for you.

What are the time frames involved for the NBN roll out?

Very loosely, the NBN roll out in each area has a schedule that looks a bit like this...once the NBN is scheduled for your area.....

Month 1 Construction commences.

Months 6-12 Construction continues with some sites being able to connect.

Month 12 onward - Final construction continues. Once construction has passed 90% of sites in the roll out area, the area is declared Region Ready for Service Date (RRSD). At this point a disconnection date (DD) for the copper in the area is announced. and this starts the clock ticking, giving customers in the area 18 months to migrate or connect to the NBN and

Month 18 onward - 6Mths+ after the area is declared RSSD, a cease sale comes into effect giving customers 12 months to connect to the NBN before their copper is turned off. During this time customers cannot order any new services on the copper network nor can they move their copper based DSL or phone services to another provider.

1 Month prior to disconnection Date - Customers will be given a final 20 days to migrate their services or risk having their services disconnected.

What this means is that once the copper services are disconnected, it may take a long time before they can be reconnected. Businesses need to ensure they take steps to ensure this doesn't happen to them. Businesses risk losing their advertised phone numbers if they do not act on transferring services to the NBN. Our experience in the very first areas facing the cut off is that many businesses leave it to the last minute and this is causing massive business disruption. We are aware of businesses being without Eftpos and fax for up to 4 mths. What effect would that have on your business?

So what do I do to make sure I don't lose my phone numbers when the NBN rolls out?

If you have a single line it's not a big issue. The number can be ported to the NBN on a bundled service and in most cases you simply put your existing phone handset into the Uni V Port on the NBN modem.

However if you have multiple lines and a PBX Phone system you will need to take additional steps to avoid being cut off during the disconnection period.

Your phone numbers will need to be ported to a SIP Trunk Service or a Hosted PBX service. These are Digital VoIP services that are designed to run over a high speed internet connection like the NBN. It's relatively simple to get these services converted from PSTN or ISDN to SIP/Hosted PBX. What's not simple is managing the transition period.

We suggest that customers in roll out areas take steps to make this transition as early as possible, even before the NBN is ready in their area to avoid delays caused by a massive number of customers wanting to change over within a relatively short period of time.

So will my Phone System work over the NBN?

So how do you change your copper lines to SIP Trunks or Hosted PBX? Its worth explaining that setting up SIP or Hosted PBX lines is fairly straight forward, but its the integration of these services into Phone Systems that needs to be closely coordinated.

As things stands, for businesses that have a Phone System and multiple lines there will most probably be Hardware issues relating to your PABX phone system.(and Eftpos, and fax and Alarm...but we will cover those later)

We put Phone systems into 3 categories.

1. Phone systems that are IP capable and only need to be configured for SIP Trunks with minor modification. Eg install a SIP Trunk capable card and configure the SIP trunks. These are typically recently purchased within the last 5 years. In addition to Hardware, these systems may require license software upgrades to function correctly.

2. Phone Systems that will require conversion. Phone system that cannot have a SIP card installed but can have ATAs added to enable SIP trunking on a limited scale. Functionality of the Phone System can be limited using this method.

This would involve a PBX maintainer connecting a ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) to your Phone System. The conversion process is not perfect and there can be call quality issues and is not normally recommended for more than 2-3 lines.

3. Phone systems that are too old for either of the above and need replacing. These systems would typically be replaced with Hosted PBX Phone systems (Or referred to as NBN Phone Systems) ready for use directly over the NBN. If implemented correctly using a Business Grade solution this should result in the best call quality.

When should I move to SIP or to a Hosted PBX Phone System?

Our advice is the earlier the better. Most Hosted PBX systems can work over a reasonable quality ADSL connection. If you move services to a NBN Phone system now, it will be a very straight forward change over when your site is actually connected to the NBN.

One issue we are seeing in the Launceston and Brunswick (Disconnection will take place 23 May 2014) roll out areas, is that a lot of business customers have left the change till very late in the process. Why is that a problem?

Porting of numbers is not always straight forward and there can be delays...long delays. Equally, there is a limited number of Phone System installers and maintainers in any location in the country. One estimate we have seen indicates over 90% of business Phone systems in Australia will need modification, upgrading or replacement of some form to work on the NBN...this is going to cause a massive back log, especially if customers leave these changes to the last minute.

When should I connect to the NBN?

Our soon as it is available in your area, get your order in quickly, as there have been long delays in getting NBN services connected.

How do I transfer my Phone Lines to the NBN?

Contact your Business Phone Company and ask them what transition plan they have in place for your migration to the NBN.

They should be able to advise you that they have a clear plan for you on what they will be doing with the following services...

  • Phone
  • Data
  • Eftpos
  • Alarm
  • Fax

If your Telco cannot give you a clear and precise understanding, contact Telaustralia who offer a managed migration service for NBN Customers and have a 1 business day turn around on NBN Phone System quotes.

NBN Transition Plan for customers in the NBN roll out areas.

1. Have your Phone System checked for suitability.

2. Check if the ADSL at your site is suitable for SIP trunks or Hosted PBX.

3. If your DSL is suitable, arrange with your Telco to transfer to SIP trunks or Hosted PBX as soon as possible.

4. Once you have SIP trunks or Hosted PBX functioning, arrange the port of your numbers to the SIP or Hosted PBX service. (Your SIP and Hosted PBX Telco will arrange this for you)

5. Once 1-4 are completed, order your NBN service as soon as it becomes available at your site.

6. When the NBN is connected to your site, connect your PABX and use.

7. Arrange transition of Fax, Eftpos and Alarms to NBN. If you have a good Telco they can assist coordinating these services as a Fee for Service. Your Telco should work closely with your IT, Alarm, and fax providers to ensure a seamless transition to the NBN for your business.

8. Sit back and have a will have earned it.

Its not simple but if you put some planning into your transition to the NBN it can be done without disruption to service. the key lesson is do not wait until its too late. Alternately if you are a Telaustralia customer we would A) do most of this for you and B) hold your hand and guide you through each step making things as simple as possible for you.

If you would like to discuss your business transition to the NBN please click the button below and one of our NBN expert consultants will contact you to discuss.



As any Game of Thrones fan would know...Winter is coming ...and so is the National Broadband Network. Like the ominous winter in GOT, the NBN is scaring lots of small business owners. And like in GOT there's no getting away from the NBN...its coming whether we want it, like it or not.

What to do, who to speak to when to change, what will it cost? These are just some of the questions at are commonly arising. We plan to run a series of small blog post detail what to do about phones, fax, eftpos and alarms.

So what to do about my fax machine? They will not work over the NBN without some intervention. Many business are giving up on fax Machines altogether and using alternatives, but for any small business fax machine remain a critical piece of business equipment.

So what are the options for faxing when the NBN rolls out inn your area?


This is the most common set up we are seeing in Small to Medium Business's. The business have elected to get rid of their fax equipment and then using fax to email for incoming faxes, and scan to email for outgoing documents. Outgoing is basically using your scanner to scan to your desk top then attaching via email.

Cost for this would be $9 per mth and your Telco would allocate a fax to email number for incoming faxes and outgoing faxes are done by scanning and emailing. Set up time for the business owner would be typically 20 minutes


An ATA is a Analogue Telephone Adapter which is required ti convert a analogue signal to digital to allow the Fax to work over a Internet connection. One end of the ATA will connect via ethernet to the modem and the other end will connect via Phone Plug to the fax. The option to use an ATA will require IT support on site.
The IT support will need to supply a T.38 protocol compatible ATA or a T .38 Fax gateway. The Telco provides a number and the details required to configure the ATA. The IT Support would then need to configure the Fax machine to lower the baud rate…typically reducing from 14400 kbps to to 9600 kbps. We estimate this will take 2-4 hrs of IT support in most cases.


Alternately there are the subscription Fax service that will do the job, which basically take a document from scanner or desk top, configure it to a TIFF file and send using a web mail client that will deliver to a fax machine number. They allocate you a number for incoming faxes similar to fax to email with the difference being the faxes are delivered into a folder rather then email in some cases.

These are straight forward to set up, do not usually require IT support and cost between $6 and $20 per month.

We plan to run a series of these small blog posts on how to manage the transition to the NBN. Unlike Game of Thrones author George R R Martin, we wont take close to 20 years to complete the series. If you need advice setting up your NBN services please give an expert a call at Telaustralia 1300783528 or click on the offer below.




Our fantastic AAPT SHDSL Internet Promotional pricing has now been extended to the end of March 2014.

Heres the offer:-

  • 10/10mbps $359
  • 20/20mbps $479
  • Free Installation
  • Dedicated 1:1 Connections
  • Unlimited data use with no shaping or speed limits




Continuing on our Telstra Digital Office Technology comparisons from an earlier post

We did another comparison today of a Telstra DOT bill we received, compared with Telaustralias Hosted PBX pricing. Telaustralia Hosted PBX savings are at least 25% ahead of Telstra DOT.

Heres why Telstra Digital Office Technology DOT Phone systems are not good value!

The service we compared had 4 Handsets and was paying $490 a month for all included calls on 1 X L Core Plan and 3 XL Add on Plans and their 500Gb data service. They also had a Eftpos Service, a Fax service and a Line Hunt Group.

The Telstra bill showed they were making 480 Fixed Wire Calls and 390 Calls to Mobiles a month. We looked at a previous bill and it sowed their average call to mobile was 1.5mins per call.

Telaustralia Hosted PBX at least $100 a month cheaper!

When we assessed this Telstra DOT bill against the Telaustralia Hosted PBX Max Plan we came up with a monthly charge including  500gb ADSL 2, Fax, Eftpos, 4 Cisco SPA 504G Handsets, Line Hunt and all calls for a total of $385.

It gets worse for Telstra DOT.

We went to the Telstra website and checked what would happen if we tried to align the Telstra DOT plans more closely with the Customers call profile. We changed the Large DOT Plans add on plans to Medium DOT plans, which still include all Local and National calls and charged Mobile Calls at 30c per minute block. This changed the Monthly rental to $415. Assuming 75% of the Calls to Mobiles came from the DOT Medium add on plans this added another $174 to the charges for the month ...increasing the Telstra spend to $589.

Contract or not?

Another aspect to consider is that Telstra DOT systems are typically contracted services for a minimum of 24Mths. Telaustralia Hosted PBX Systems using the4 same equipment and the same DSL network are not.




We have recently benefited from Massive Price reductions on Telstra ISDN 102030 bringing those Primary Rate services into a very competitive space with Optus Multi Line. We believe this is to stem the flow of large scale services to VoIP and SIP.

Here's Telaustralia's current pricing comparison between Telstra ISDN 102030 and Optus Multi Line

  • Connection Fee - Both Free on 24Mth agreement
  • Line Rental - Optus the winner. Optus $15 per channel on 36Mth agreement, $18 per channel on 24Mth agreement. Telstra $20 per channel on 24 Mth agreement.
  • Local calls Telstra the winner with 7c Local Calls vs Optus 12c per call.
  • National calls - Equal with Telstra National calls 7c per min billed in 15 second increments and Optus 12c untimed. No Flag falls on either network.
  • Calls to Mobiles - Telstra the winner with Calls to Mobiles 18c per min billed per 15 seconds. Optus 20c per min billed per 60 seconds. No Flag falls on either network.
  • Availability - Telstra the winner with ISDN 102030 available at about 4 times the number of locations as Optus Multi Line.

Based on these prices Telstra has the edge primarily due to the volume and cost of calls to mobile phones these days. If the service is Primarily used for incoming calls, Optus edges ahead due to their extremely low line rentals on 36Mth agreement.

At these rates, the benefit of switching to larger scale SIP trunks is marginal when the cost of a Business Grade Data Connection is taken into account. When it comes to the cost connecting and configuring these services to existing PBXs,  ISDN 102030 and Multiline would be ahead. 

If you would like to speak to a consultant to determine the most cost effective ISDN solutions for your business please submit the web form at the button below and one of our experienced Australian Based Consultants will contact you within the hour.





We are very pleased to announce our Win Back ISDN Promo pricing on Telstra network has been extended for a very limited time to churned and new ISDN 102030 Primary Rate connections.

Any new ISDN 102030 Primary Rate services ordered before 30 May 2014 will qualify for the following special pricing...

  • $20 per Channel Line Rental
  • 9c Local Calls
  • 8c per Min National STD calls
  • 18c per Min Fixed to Mobile Calls
  • Free connection on 24mth agreement

All you need to do to qualify for this special pricing is connect a new ISDN service or churn your existing ISDN 102030 E1 Primary rate service to Telaustralia on 24mth agreement.

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