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  4. ISDN 2 PHONE LINES WITH AMAZING PROMO PRICING TelAustralia Customer Service 04-Jul-2014
  5. SHDSL BROADBAND PROMO EXTENDED TelAustralia Customer Service 27-Jun-2014

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There is 1 Question you must ask any Cloud Software provider. Read on to find out what that question is!

We are seeing a lot of inquiries along these lines....

Caller: Hi We run a Real Estate Agency and we have moved to Cloud Based Software and our whole office internet is running so slowly.

Telaustralia: I think we can help you. How many people do you have in the office?

Caller: 7 Staff.

Telaustralia: Are you currently running ADSL 2 Internet?

Caller: Yes and we are getting about 10mb download speed and about 700kbps upload speed.

Telaustralia: We think the problem is that because ADSL 2 Internet has a maximum upload speed of 1Mb, this is causing the issue. You don't have sufficient upload bandwidth available to you. You probably need SHDSL internet.

Caller: How much does that cost?

Telaustralia: $300-$500 a month is fairly typical for a SHDSL internet connection.

Caller: We cant afford that much! We have just outlaid many thousands of dollars for this new software.

If this scenario sounds familiar its because the massive uptake of Cloud and Web based software platforms is strangling the typical ADSL 2 Internet upload capacity.

So before making any decision to move to Cloud based Software ask this 1 critical question. What Internet connection do you recommend to run your software?

If the answer is SHDSL budget another $300 a month in data costs over and above your ADSL connection and include this in any business case.

The alternative is that your business could end up paying a lot of money for software that doesn't perform at its optimum, especially if there is no SHDSL option available to you.

If you would like to discuss SHDSL internet with an Australian based expert please click the button below or call us on 1300783528.

SHDSL Internet

Telstra DOT - What we dont like.


Telstra DOT Phone Systems are expensive. We know that Telstra place them selves as the premium brand and premium network. But when the technology they are selling is widely available, why go with the more expensive option when there are more effective alternatives?

1. 30c flag falls on calls to mobiles. 

30c Flag Fall on calls to mobiles ....really? Unless you take an unlimited plan, which for most business is not cost effective, (See our previous post Is Telstra DOT good Value? ) there is no justification for the charge at all, other than to drive customers off PSTN and onto DOT. Its not like they have to pay and maintain several billion dollars worth of copper network for the DOT service.

2. 30c per minute billed per minute block.

While we are on calls to mobiles, how can they justify 30c per minute billed per minute block? On Hosted PBX? You've got to be joking. Most other providers are charging sub 20c per minute or/and billing in per second increments.

Here's a brief comparison with our Hosted PBX and Telstra M or L DOT plan. Lets say you call a mobile and the call go's to Voice Mail. The call lasts for 10 seconds while you listen to and leave a message. Telaustralia Charge 4c. Telstra Charge 60c

3. Monthly handset charges.

The Cisco Handsets that Telstra sell are very good quality. They have chosen to copy Telaustralia and use the Cisco 504g and the Cisco 525G. The difference is with Telstra DOT Phone System handsets, you pay for the handsets each month and then every month as long as you are connected. So $10 a month handset payment x 5 years could mean you end up paying $600 per handset for a Cisco Phone System that we sell outright for $250.

4. The contract.

You cant take a Telstra DOT System without a  24mths minimum contract term. Telaustralia do Hosted PBX Systems on no contract. Feel free to leave for any reason, you have to move, you need less handsets, your not happy for any reason, we wont lock you in with your Hosted PBX System or NBN Phone System.

5. The expensive add ons.

Fax Line an extra $20 per month, Eftpos Line an extra $20 per month, Hunt Group $10 per month and so on. In most cases the Telstra DOT Core plans have an ADSL service delivered over a PSTN line. The Phone line that can be used for Fax or Eftpos is already there and your paying for it. So why charge you if you want to use it for Fax or Eftpos? $10 for Hunt group? That's more expensive than on PSTN. Basic Rotary Hunt Groups with Telaustralia are Free!

If you would like a call back from an Australian based professional consultant who can guide you to get the most cost effective Hosted PBX or NBN Phone system Give us a call on 1300783528 or click the button below.

Telstra DOT Digital Office Technology



As far as we know Carlton will be the first fairly large business area with an announced Copper Cut off date. This gives business owners with a Phone System in Carlton, Carlton North and the remaining parts of Brunswick just over 12 months to act.

Any business with a Phone System running Telstra Phone lines will need to do one of the following ...

1. Do nothing. Your phone lines will be disconnected in October 2015.

2. Arrange for SIP trunks to be enabled on their current Phone system.

3. Arrange a Hosted PBX pr NBN Compatible Phone System.

In reality there is no do nothing option.

Business owners also need to consider what they plan to do with their Fax, Eftops and Alarm systems.

If you would like to cut through all the bull and talk to an Australian based representative who can give you all the information you need to know click the button below. Mention the offer and take advantage of the free handset offer when you purchase a 2 or more handset NBN Phone System from Telaustralia

NBN Carlton PBX Phone Systems



We are very pleased to announce exceptional value ISDN 2 Promo prices including what may be Australia's cheapest ISDN 2 Fixed to Mobile pricing.

ISDN 2 services are perfect if you have a small to medium office and need digital functionality on your Phone System with up to 8 phone lines. If you need more than 8 lines then we suggest ISDN 102030.

On a 24mth agreement we are now offering..

  • Free Connection of up to 4 X ISDN 2 services - this alone represents a saving of $1400 on connection fees.
  • $70 Per mth line rental
  • 7c local calls - or take a 36 mth agreement and get unlimited free local calls
  • 7c per min National calls with no connection fees, billed per 15 seconds
  • 18c per min Calls to mobiles with no connection fees, billed per 15 seconds.

This represent incredible value and a reduction of around 35% over our standard call rates. The promotion is for new or porting services connected on 24mth agreement. For a limited time only.




Our great value SHDSL Internet promotion has been extended now until 29 July 2014.

These SHDSL plans give you unlimited data over a dedicated 1:1 connection with no contention. Both of these plans come with free connection on 24mth agreement.




Our Amazing ISDN 102030 promotion has been extended!

Great news today! Our very Popular Telstra ISDN 102030 Promo pricing has been extended to the end of the financial year.

  • The promo offers Free Connection on 24mth agreement - Saving at least $2400
  • $20 per Channel Line ISDN 102030 rental
  • 7c Local calls - Or Free on 36Mth agreement
  • 7c Per Min National calls - Billed per 15 second increment with no flag fall
  • 18c Per Min calls to standard Australian Mobiles - Billed per 15 second increment with no flag fall.
ISDN 10/20/30 has proven time and time again to be the gold standard Business Phone Line in Australia. if you want the phone line that corporate Australia uses then this is it.

This offer expires 26 June 2014. If you would like to find out more about this amazing offer call us now 1300783528 of click this button!

ISDN 102030 Telstra On Ramp


NBN Phone Systems Carlton, Brunswick, Footscray, Spotswood, Parkville & Yarraville

We know we can get Internet over the NBN, but what happens with our Phone, Phone System, Fax Machine, Eftpos and Alarm? As the National Broadband Network roll out gathers pace, we are finding that many customers are unaware their copper phone lines will eventually be cut off.

There is no do nothing option if you want to keep your advertised business number.

The NBN rollout is almost complete in Brunswick and gathering pace in the Carlton, Footscray, Spostwood, Mill Park and South Morang areas. Do not wait until the copper cut off to arrange your phone system changes.

So what are the main issues for Businesses wanting to transition to the NBN?

Will our Phone System Work on the NBN?

Did you know, nearly every Phone System in use today will require modification or replacement when switching to the National Broadband Network? Traditional Phone systems will need to have SIP trunks added or be replaced with NBN Phone Systems. Our NBN Phone Systems by Cisco are designed with the NBN in mind and they will work over todays Standard ADSL2 services in most cases.

NBN Carlton Brunswick, Footscray Y

Solution: Ensure you are not trapped into buying a new Phone System, that won’t meet your future needs, by visiting our web site or calling us on1300783528 to discuss a NBN Phone System. Prices start from $500 for a 2 Line - 2 Handset System with all the features that you would expect on Phone Systems costing $000s more, such as Voice Mail, Music on Hold & Line Hunt.

The copper cut off is coming up and we don’t want to lose our advertised numbers.

The Internet over the NBN is relatively straightforward. We connect NBN data services every day.  However Phone lines are a different story. We are seeing a huge bottleneck as the NBN is rolled out in each area, as Phone lines have to be ported off the Telstra copper network.

Solution: Don’t wait until the NBN is rolled out and the copper about to be cut off. We can help advise you and manage the porting of your advertised phone numbers, to a NBN Compatible solution such as SIP trunks or a Hosted Phone System.

Talk to an Australian based NBN expert at Telaustralia on 1300783528 to arrange an on site visit or phone consultation.

What about of Fax, Eftpos and Alarm services?Can you help us manage everything onto the NBN?

Yes! Telaustralia can give you straightforward and easy to follow advice and will work with your IT,  Fax, Eftpos and Alarm providers on your behalf.

Solution: Many of these services can be transitioned to the appropriate technology now before the NBN is rolled out so don’t wait. Talk to an expert now on 1300783528

NBN Carlton Footscray South Morang

What if VoIP wont work at my site?

My Business VoIP has poor call quality. What do I do?

Its not an uncommon questions. Usually we find there is one of 4 issues causing the problem.

Hosted PBX Phone Systems 

The Top 4 Business VoIP causes of call quality issues.

1. Your Internet connection is not adequate for a VoIP service.

If you are trying to run a Business Hosted PBX or SIP trunks over an ADSL connection and are running into call quality issues, you may be experiencing one of the following...

  • Your exchange is congested causing issues on a regular basis - Not a lot of good news here. Nothing you can do really except contact provider and request a port swap to a different part of the exchange but that's not guaranteed to give you a better result ad if your on Telstra network they wont do it. You could consider getting a dedicated SHDSL connection installed. Its a lot more expensive but you are guaranteed a good quality internet connection.
  • Your have your ADSL with a budget provider who pack their DSLAMS with customers, which causes congestion. See 1st point. Look for another provider.
  • You are too far from the exchange to get a good quality connection. Again not a lot can be done here. Consider remaining with ISDN or PSTN lines.

We always conduct preliminary Internet checks or speed and line quality before we consider installing our Business Grade Hosted PBX or SIP trunks.

2. You have a poorly designed hardware configuration.

Ok in the quest to save a few bucks you got your VoIP handsets off Ebay, your modem is a cheap no frills version from the local Dick Smiths and you have a un-managed switch you have had sitting in the offices for years. Its admirable you tried to save but in the end you may have just waited every bit of that cash.

We only use Hosted PBX hardware that we have tested and can guarantee will work. This means we only use Cisco handsets, switches and routers and DrayTek modems with our Business Grade Hosted PBX. We know most of these devices have QOS settings and in the case of the Cisco gear, it automatically identifies Voice Traffic over Data.

3. Your Business Hosted PBX equipment was not configured by the carrier?

For this very reason we don't do BYO hardware. Why because we have no idea what its capability or spec is, how its been configured and set up. Its the lead up to the Hosted PBX or VoIP version of un winnable war going on endlessly trying to find the cause of the problem when we could be supporting our regular customers. Because someone wants to BYO hardware we can spend countless hours of our support time trying to fix up someone else's problem.

4. You have the licorice all sorts of Hosted PBX.

  • Phone line with carrier A
  • ADSL or Internet with Carrier B
  • You purchases you gear in the fashion described in point 2 above...bits from all over the place.
  • Self configured Hardware
  • Hosted PBX services from carrier C

It can look good in a lolly bag but no good for your Business Communications. We get half a dozen calls a week asking us to rescue poorly configured systems and in most cases all we can do is start fresh.

What is Business Grade Hosted PBX?

That why we can call our Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks a genuine Business Grade VoIP product. We will only provide the product if we do the following...

1. We supply the ADSL or SHDSL service the connection will be run over.

2. We supply and pre configure all hardware to be used on the Hosted PBX System including Handsets, Modem, Router and Switch.

If you would like to talk to an Australia based professional about a Business Grade Hosted PBX system please call 1300783528 or click this button.

Small Business Phone System



Alcatel has launched a new 8000 series range of Premium handsets for the Omni PCX and Enterprise range of Phone Systems. The new range of handsets will be available from July 2014.

The new Alcatel Premium Deskphones offer a wide range of features

The new Acatel-Lucent Phone System Premium DeskPhones are designed with the needs of SMBs through to mid- to large-sized businesses or organizations. The Premium handsets feature an elegant, contemporary design, they combine improved audio and software capabilities with ergonomic features to provide a superior communication experience.

The inclusion of Wideband audio provides better sound definition and quality experience for the user. Alcatel have redesigned the speaker phone enclosure so it produces greater volume and projection. By adding in an optional Bluetooth connected handset and headset, you have room to roam.

All Premium DeskPhones and their add-on key modules feature ergonomic details such as an adjustable stand and backlit display for more comfortable viewing, whatever the ambient light. The alphabetic keyboard provides fast access to messaging and call-by-name functions. The easy-to-use navigator and programmable soft keys enable immediate interactivity with phone functions, as well as organization-wide applications and services available from OmniPCX™ or OpenTouch™ communications platforms.

The superb build quality of these phones, as well as their impressive list of features and add-ons, ensures that your investment today will offer excellent communication services for many years to come.


The new Alcatel Premium Deskphones offer a wide range of features including..

  • Superior Voice Quality using Wideband audio
  • Superb build quality
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet
  • Backlit Display
  • Easy to use feature buttons and interactive soft keys
  • Alpabetic keyboard
  • Optimised ergonomics
  • Dedicated function keys
  • Omni Directional Navigator keys
  • SIP capability
  • IPV6 Ready
  • Built in Blue Tooth capability

If you would like to find out more about the new premium range of Alcatel Phone System handsets don't wait weeks for a response at your local Telstra business centre. Contact Telaustralia on 1300783528 or fill out the web inquiry at this button.



Telaustralia has been supplying and installing Alcatel Phone Systems on the Mornington Peninsula (and every where else in Australia) for over 8 years.

If you are looking for an alternative supplier to Telstra Mornington Business Centre or Telstra Frankston Business centre give Telaustralia the Business Phone Company a call for a fast quote. Just call 1300783528 and speak to one of our Australian based consultants or click this button for a fast quote.

Installing Phone Systems in Mornington, Frankston, Seaford, Carrum Downs, Mt Eliza, Rosebud, Hastings Rye and Sorrento and everywhere else on the Mornington Peninsula. In fact we have installed Australia wide, from Hobart to Cairns, Darwin, Into the Pilbarra, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne but we love the local jobs.

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